How to Download Torrent Files

We may have heard of peer to peer sharing, and we may have listened to uTorrent and the famous Torrent Client. It has a simple, clean interface that is easy to use. For beginners, torrent downloads can be challenging. This guide will help users download torrents with uTorrent, and there are many things you will need before you can download torrent files online. The first step you need to do is download uTorrent online and download an archiving program like 7Zip or WinRar to extract compressed files.

Location of Torrent Files

filesThousands of websites are available online that allow users to download and search for torrents. Fifty percent of internet traffic is due to torrents being downloaded. Performing a quick search will produce many search results in popular search engines. Picking a site is easy when doing your first torrent download, then search for the specific file name that you desire, and most of the results will be listed. Keep in mind the number of seeds, comments, and verified torrents.

The number of seeds pertains to the number of leecher ratio and how fast the file will be downloaded. Comments will indicate if the data to be downloaded legit or not. Verified torrent means the records are verified that are okay to be downloaded. After selecting the torrent file that you desire, download it to your computer and open it with uTorrent. The data will start downloading after opening the torrent file on uTorrent.

Warning on Torrent Files

There are a few things that uTorrent users should be aware of before they decide on downloading torrent files over the internet. Throttling is when ISP’s throttle or slow down torrent traffic improves the network capacity for other users. Users need to check the terms of service to check if the torrent program throttles internet traffic.

Viruses are prominent in torrent sharing files because malicious files are being uploaded on torrent sites. Recently, this has changed since many computer anti-virus software protects users from malicious files and programs. This results in the easy detection of corrupt torrent files.

Downloading torrent files at the moment is not illegal. Still, some torrent files have materials copyrighted by the makers like movies and music, and such torrent files are unauthorized to download. Ensure that you follow the law regarding torrent files to avoid any potential lawsuits.…