Top 4 Favorite Games on Android Smartphones

As technology has developed rapidly, the Android smartphone has become more advanced with its variety of games. In this case, there are several games that you are ready to grab from this Google Play Store, but many individuals have neglected to pull the typical tablet player. Within this guide, let’s examine four games that you must have on your Android tablet. Not only will you have more fun, but your friends will be envious that you have such a fun game on your device. Suppose you feel annoyed with the advertisement in the middle of the game. You can purchase the premium account or pull a LuckyPatcher app to remove those disturbances while enjoying these top Android games.


minecraftMinecraft would be the first game to discuss as it has become a hit for many gamers. When it comes to Android, tons of people have become addicted to Minecraft despite the simple interface and gameplay. There are many reasons why Minecraft can attract many gamers. For one primary reason, the imagination is endless as you keep building your world using cubes in Minecraft. At certain times, you create certain routines to complete more challenges in the game. Be warned if you download Minecraft on your tablet. Who knows, you may spend a lot of time working on it.


Another game that would add fun to your Android smartphone is Wreck-it-ralph. It is a conventional game that was very popular on arcade machines. In this game, you will wreck, climb, and dodge things. If you prefer an old-school experience, then try this game for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

android gamesWho would have thought that such small devices would have the ability to promote games like Grand Theft Auto or more popular with GTA? Of course, some limitations may frustrate people who are more comfortable with the variety of game systems. However, it’s still pretty impressive. You still can traverse the world of GTA, shoot things, drive cars, and complete missions on your Android smartphone.

Fruit Ninja

The last game would be fruit ninja. This game is famous for releasing stress as gamers peel some vegetables and fruits. The gameplay is simple, but it is very addictive, especially if your friends are also fans of this game. To succeed, you need to improve the strength of your fingers. By the end of the game, your fingers may have gained more strong muscles because it is very tiring. You can check compatibility by visiting the app on Google Play.